Welcome to CHIMANOS

At the center is the individual – the patient.

Central to our work is the individual, whom we regard holistically. Diagnostics, conservative and surgical therapy of the locomotor system are the cornerstones of our endeavor.

CHIMANOS stands for the integration of:

  • Chirurgie (surgery), Chirotherapy
  • Manual medicine
  • Allgemeinmedizin (General Medicine)
  • Natural Holistic Methods
  • Orthopedic treatments
  • Sports Medicine, Shockwave Therapy


Manual Medicine / Chirotherapy


Shockwave therapy

Sports medicine

Osteorthritis treatment

Spinal column therapy




  • open MRT
  • digital skeletal radiography
  • 3D spinal column measuring
  • continuous monitoring of spinal postures (friendly sensors)
  • osteosonometry
  • biomechanical measurement of the spinal column muscles
  • Sonographiesonography (ultrasound exploration of joints, soft tissues and organs)
  • laboratory
  • sonography of extremity arteries
  • EKG, lung functions

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Dr. Thomas Hartmann, M.D.

Dirk Lackner. M.D.

Hans-Martin Puchert, M.D.

Cyrus Sarem, M.D.

Richard Thiele, M.D.

Marieke Wittlake

Medical Assistants