At the center is the individual – the patient.


At the center is the individual – the patient.


Human and medical skills

are the pillars of our therapy. Doctors and therapists here work at the highest and most advanced standards. The patient is treated holistically.


We strive to offer a practice in which you can place your complete trust: when you come to us seeking relief from ailments of the spine, joint or limb and if you set great store by a holistic, timely treatment.

Achieving optimal health is our number one goal.

A common goal.

The medical center is a team in which every member is regarded as an integral part of the whole. All of us – doctors and staff – are working toward a common goal: restoring our patients their health.

With hand and heart.

CHI in Chinese is the word for life and heart energy.
MANUS in Latin means hand. This is how we strive to treat you.