Our therapy methods:

In our practice and clinic we have put in place special diagnostic and therapeutic means to identify and treat arthritis in a timely fashion.

Arthritis is the premature wearing down of a joint, which is distinguished by the reduction or complete loss of the protective cartilage layer over a joint. A conservative (non-surgical) arthritis treatment aims to lessen

Biomechanics enhancement

Improving the body’s biomechanics is a countermeasure against the excessive strains placed on your joints. Biomechanics tackles the mechanical forces at work when the body is in motion. Postural distortions and improper use of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments or joints may cause joint corrosion and lead to injuries.

To enhance the body’s biomechanics and structure, proprioceptive insoles are recommended for distortions occurring in the foot.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet has a beneficial effect on your joints. Weight problem and acidification of the joints can lead to arthritis. We can advise you or recommend a nutritionist with whom we work with. The nutritional supplement we recommend is a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Cartilage growth

Targeted injections for cartilage protection and growth. Our cartilage treatment involves injecting hyaluronan preparation into the ailing joint. Hyaluronan is a vital substance which cartilage cells need for growth. If for whatever reason (e.g. acidosis, excessive wear, age-related loss) hyaluronan is lacking in the joint, the situation can be improved by an injection composed mainly of hyaluronan.

Musculoskeletal shockwave therapy

In the latest, highly spectacular finding, joint arthritis in certain cases has been shown to be successfully treated by musculoskeletal shockwave therapy. Since this method for the treatment of arthritis is still in the experimental stage and has been administered only in clinical trials, it is not yet covered by state insurance. This treatment involves no risks. For more information, please enquire with our physicians.

Keyhole surgery

At our outpatient clinic, we conduct arthroscopic knee surgeries, smooth down ragged cartilage edges using precision devices, apply the pridie technique or microfracturing to stimulate cartilage growth.

During an arthroscopy, autologous cartilage cell grafting may be conducted, if necessary. This involves taking healthy cartilage tissue from one area of the knee and grafting it onto the problem area. This operation is conducted under general anesthesia, and patients may return home the same day. Our practice is staffed by arthroscopic specialists.

Joint replacement

If, despite intensive conservative therapy, the ailing hip or knee joint can no longer be retained we advise our patients to consider a replacement.

The following endoprosthetic procedures are carried out at our Havelklinik:

  • Hip joint replacement
  • Resurfacing of the fermal head
  • One-sided resurfacing of the knee joint
  • Complete resurfacing of the knee joint

For more information about endoprosthetic operations at CHIMANOS, visit our Website: www.berliner-gelenkzentrum.de