We advise, attend to and treat:

  • sports injuries
  • sport-specific issues during and after the sport
  • provide guidance for those planning to take up a sport
  • sport medical suitability examinations for e.g. diving fitness, boating license
  • computer-aided biomechanical functions test of the muscles

Chiro taping (kinesio taping)

The application of one or more strips of elastic tape to muscles and joint structures helps them to relax or be stimulated.

Chiro taping augments treatment techniques like massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy and lymphatic drainage. The elastic tape produces a constant massage on the skin. Since pain signals react to biomechanical changes, such continuous stimulation has a toning down effect on pain signals.

Damaged tissues are, as a result, better supplied with blood while removal of lymphatic fluids is improved. The tape can be worn for several days and is effective over a long period of time.