Targeted analysis of weak spots in the back

The most common causes of recurrent back pains are anatomical imbalance and muscle weakness, which lead to poor postural habits and improper weight-bearing as well as shortening of joint capsules, tendons and muscles.

Using computer-aided analytical devices we can establish the maximal power of your total spinal muscles and compare it against the reference value of healthy people. Following a thorough analysis, we then design a therapy program that promotes the long-term health of your back.

Specially trained and experienced physiotherapists work with you to correct muscle weakness, shortness and/or imbalance until you are free of pain and discomfort.

Instructions to your own exercise program and learning how to coordinate movements are important aspects of the therapy, such as proper spinal movements and postures.

Injection therapy

Another vital part of back pain therapy is a special injection therapy.

For herniated discs, nerve irritation and inflammation of the facet joint we inject, under X-ray guidance, inflammation reducing substances (natural remedies, corticosteroids), sclerosing substances and chondrotherapeutic preparations (cartilage-building substances like hyaluronic acid) directly into the inflicted area.

These treatments can in many cases prevent the need for disc surgery and facilitate the patient’s return to a pain-free life.